Tuesday, 29 March 2022


First Reading Ezekiel 47:1-9,12  
Wherever the water flows, it will bring life and health
The angel brought me to the entrance of the Temple, where a stream came out from under the Temple threshold and flowed eastwards, since the Temple faced east. The water flowed from under the right side of the Temple, south of the altar. He took me out by the north gate and led me right round outside as far as the outer east gate where the water flowed out on the right-hand side. Lectures

The man went to the east holding his measuring line and measured off a thousand cubits; he then made me wade across the stream; the water reached my ankles. He measured off another thousand and made me wade across the stream again; the water reached my knees. He measured off another thousand and made me wade across again; the water reached my waist. He measured off another thousand; it was now a river which I could not cross; the stream had swollen and was now deep water, a river impossible to cross. Readings

He then said, ‘Do you see, son of man?’ He took me further, then brought me back to the bank of the river. When I got back, there were many trees on each bank of the river. He said, ‘This water flows east down to the Arabah and to the sea; and flowing into the sea it makes its waters wholesome. Wherever the river flows, all living creatures teeming in it will live. Fish will be very plentiful, for wherever the water goes it brings health, and life teems wherever the river flows. 

Along the river, on either bank, will grow every kind of fruit tree with leaves that never wither and fruit that never fails; they will bear new fruit every month, because this water comes from the sanctuary. And their fruit will be good to eat and the leaves medicinal.’

Gospel John 5:1-3,5-16  The healing at the pool of Bethesda

There was a Jewish festival, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Now at the Sheep Pool in Jerusalem there is a building, called Bethzatha in Hebrew, consisting of five porticos; and under these were crowds of sick people blind, lame, paralysed waiting for the water to move. One man there had an illness which had lasted thirty-eight years, and when Jesus saw him lying there and knew he had been in this condition for a long time, he said, ‘Do you want to be well again?’ ‘Sir,’ replied the sick man ‘I have no one to put me into the pool when the water is disturbed; and while I am still on the way, someone else gets there before me.’ Jesus said, ‘Get up, pick up your sleeping-mat and walk.’ The man was cured at once, and he picked up his mat and walked away.  Reflections

Now that day happened to be the sabbath, so the Jews said to the man who had been cured, ‘It is the sabbath; you are not allowed to carry your sleeping-mat.’ He replied, ‘But the man who cured me told me, “Pick up your mat and walk.”’ They asked, ‘Who is the man who said to you, “Pick up your mat and walk”?’ The man had no idea who it was, since Jesus had disappeared into the crowd that filled the place. After a while Jesus met him in the Temple and said, ‘Now you are well again, be sure not to sin any more, or something worse may happen to you.’ The man went back and told the Jews that it was Jesus who had cured him. It was because he did things like this on the sabbath that the Jews began to persecute Jesus.

The healing power of God. God is the source of life. His healing power flows through us like a river. Father come heal us of every form of sickness. We are sick, Father we are in need of your mercy and healing. Our sins are before you, set us free. 
Deliver us Father from every bondage that may render us paralyzed. 

Thirty-eight years of bondage? We are like the man in today's Gospel.  We are paralyzed and may not realize our need for healing and freedom. We are in bondage of sin, bondage of sickness, spiritual bondage, alcohol bondage, bondage of poverty, drug bondage, jealousy, bondage of greed and avarice.  Holy Spirit reveal to us whatever that may hold us bondage all the years of our existence. Lord Jesus come set us free.  

Lord Jesus Christ your are the Source of Life. Lord you are my healer. Lord Jesus Christ I want to be well again. Come heal me. Come set me free from every bondage. Lord Jesus thank you for loving me. Jesus I trust in you. Virgin Mary pray for me. Saint Joseph pray for me. God's Holy Angels pray for me. My Guardian Angel pray for me. Guide and guard me. Be my protection.

Pray the Holy Rosary: Virgin Mary Queen of Peace pray for us.

Your Birthday Saint: Saint Ludovico of Casoria, Priest. May he pray for you as you celebrate your birthday.

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